Factors That Determine If a Story is Newsworthy


There are a number of factors that determine whether a story is newsworthy. These factors include timeliness, locality, and technology. This article discusses these factors and others to help you decide whether a story is newsworthy. Then, you can judge whether or not it is worth sharing with others. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Factors determining if a story is newsworthy

There are several factors that determine whether a story is newsworthy. The first is the story’s impact. A story that has national impact is more likely to be covered by a national newspaper than one that is more local or regional. An example of a story that has national impact is a story involving a dairy farm that has bad eggs. However, a local story could be covered if it has an impact on local consumers.

Another factor that determines newsworthiness is the number of people affected or involved. The greater the number of people involved, the more likely the story is to be covered. For example, a single car accident that kills a few people would not be newsworthy, but the death or election of a head of state would be newsworthy.

Influence of technology on news

Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, so it’s no wonder that it’s influencing the way we consume news. The growth of the internet has radically changed the way news is gathered and broadcasted. Furthermore, social media platforms, such as Facebook, have become ingrained in the news industry. These platforms have also allowed governments to censor certain media sources.

As a result, journalism has undergone rapid changes. Stories can now be published globally within seconds and broadcasted on television within minutes. The use of digital content has also increased the engagement of audiences. Without this technology, journalists would not have the ability to engage their audiences with their stories. Pictures speak a thousand words, so images are critical to conveying the main idea of information.

Impact of locality

The impact of locality on news consumption varies from community to community. The report looks at the differences in levels of interest in local news and how the news is consumed in different areas. It also examines different types of sources of information. The findings suggest that Americans are interested in news, both in general and local news. In addition, there is a similar level of interest in local news across communities.

Local news provides vital information to the public. It helps people stay informed about issues that affect them and makes it possible to lobby for local funding. For example, it informs people about government programs and safety concerns.


Timeliness is an important feature of news. It refers to the fact that a news story piece is available for consumption at a particular moment. An example is a job application that is timely, or a news broadcast station looking for an anchor that has a few weeks to fill in. Timeliness is also an important feature of news capsules, digital platforms containing collections of news stories, documents, photos, and press releases.

Timeliness was important in the early days of journalism. Journalists valued timeliness because it would keep their audiences interested. Before the Civil War, news was often printed in telegraph news columns. Telegraph editors often added context to the bare-bones dispatches, reading the mail exchange carefully. They could make a five-word bulletin look like a 500-word special. Moreover, in early days of newspaper production, newspapers would raise the dates of mail correspondences and stories to give the appearance of newness.