What Is News?


News is an account of a current or recent event or development that is significant to a wide range of readers. This information can be about anything from political or sporting events to natural disasters, such as cyclones, bush fires and earthquakes. Generally, news stories are about people. This is because human interest is the most important factor in determining newsworthiness. Events involving animals, plants and buildings are usually of much less interest to readers, even if they are unusual.

A story which focuses on an event which affects people, such as a cyclone, bush fire or earthquake, is more likely to attract reader interest than a story about the weather. It is also more likely to generate public concern and fear, whereas a story about the weather will not have this effect.

The news media may be censored in some countries, which can influence what is reported and how it is presented. However, there are many ways in which readers can get their news, such as newspapers, radio and television. Some of these outlets require a fee for subscriptions, but most are free to use and accessible to people of all ages.

Writing a news article involves research into the topic and identification of what is most interesting to your audience. A good headline is also essential. It should catch your readers attention and make them want to read the full article. A well-written article should answer any questions that your reader may have about the subject right away. It should also be short and concise. Readers do not want to read lengthy articles that go on at great length about topics that are not of interest to them.

It is also important to consider where your story will be published. In newspaper jargon this is known as “writing above the fold.” This refers to the part of the paper that appears above the crease, which is where most readers will see the news first. Similarly, when writing online the most important stories should be placed at the top of the page so that they are visible to most readers.

Famous people make good news stories because of their prominence and the interest they hold for the majority of readers. This is especially true if they have fallen from grace, have lost their wealth or are involved in scandal. News stories involving celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and philosophers and poets are also of great interest. In addition, readers are interested in sex news stories, although society does not generally like to talk openly about it.